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Handloom Day ft. Sruthi Reddy

"Handlooms are not just yardages of fabrics, they are the Craft & Beauty of the Nation" On this wonderful occasion of Handloom Day, we celebrate and spread the joy of Indian Handlooms. I am wearing this graceful yarn dyed - hand woven Anarkali by Sruthi Reddy. These Yardages attain their beauty, woven stitch by stitch… Continue reading Handloom Day ft. Sruthi Reddy

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Fashion show review!

Victoria's Secret 2016 The Victoria's secret fashion show kicks off with the Paris fashion show, and as usual it never fails to surprise us all. The collection was filled with extravagant lingerie and exaggerated silhouettes with the angels and their wings. The show was filled with couture lingerie and top models and musical performances from… Continue reading Fashion show review!

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The Shopping Guide!

While shopping, sometimes we all may get carried away, and buy something that we may later regret, or never use. Here are some tips to shop right, and smartly. There are a certain set of points to keep in mind before buying any product. Every shopping store or mall, has special lightings or attractive displays… Continue reading The Shopping Guide!



Our latest travel destination, a weekend getaway, to Gokarna, check out our captures from this memorable trip! A much needed vacation to this beautiful place.“The best kind of therapy is travel therapy” We all deserve a quick getaway for the weekend and a vacation!, because what is the point of working hard, if you can’t… Continue reading Gokarna


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Paradise beach

Pondicherry Diaries Day 2 ( visit the page Paradise beach for more )Welcome back to the second part of pondicherry, on our second day, the day began with a mild drizzle, followed by a breezy and beautiful weather. Our major part of the day…( see more ) Source: Paradise beach



Pondicherry Dairies Day 1 ( visit the page pondicherry for more ) The serene beauty in the scenario, the lush coconut trees, and waters so blue, our trip to the prior French colony in the state of Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry. We wish to take…..(see more) Source: Pondicherry