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Detox plan ft. CLEANSE HIGH

We could all use a good detox plan for the weekend. Thanks to the hectic schedules in our lives we barely pay much attention to what we eat and drink. This fills your body with harmful toxins and might cause discomfort and negative impacts. Read on to find out how I spent my weekend detoxing… Continue reading Detox plan ft. CLEANSE HIGH

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Modern Vintage ft. FLYROBE

" A classic is something that remains in your heart forever no matter what time" Today's post is in collaboration with Flyrobe & photography by Vamshi Krishna. The ensemble comprises of a classic tan blazer teamed with loafers with a tassel trim. The concept is based from my favorite city after home, Hyderabad. The city is… Continue reading Modern Vintage ft. FLYROBE

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La Street Couture ft. MISSAMORE

"Live Boldly, Your vibe attracts your Tribe" Women have been underestimated for a long time now, but as the tables have turned and now we fight back, there is no force more powerful than a determined woman. You are just as strong as your confidence can be. And take your confidence to the next level… Continue reading La Street Couture ft. MISSAMORE