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Summer shades

"Be a girl with mind, a woman with attitude, and a lady with class" This summer is filled with fun trends, and every wardrobe now consists of a staple off shoulder blouse. Today's post is an ensemble for the summer with a off shoulder top teamed with a striped trouser and heels. A mix up… Continue reading Summer shades

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The ‘Comfort’ Quotient ft. NORDLICH

"May your clothes be comfy, your coffee be strong and, your Monday be short" Today's post is in collaboration with the most comfortable clothing line for sleepwear and comfort wear, i.e. Nordlich. Their vision is not only to create clothing but to create a comfortable bonding with the wearer in their every stride of life… Continue reading The ‘Comfort’ Quotient ft. NORDLICH

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The Shopping Guide!

While shopping, sometimes we all may get carried away, and buy something that we may later regret, or never use. Here are some tips to shop right, and smartly. There are a certain set of points to keep in mind before buying any product. Every shopping store or mall, has special lightings or attractive displays… Continue reading The Shopping Guide!

Women's fashion

Chic in Ivory ft. TRITIYA

"Classics in fashion are made to fit a look that is naturally effortless" White is a classic shade, an achromatic with no hues, but it is the most beloved palette when it comes to something classic. Today's post is in collaboration with the lovely Tritiya Designs, featuring their latest collection filled with ivory and pearl off… Continue reading Chic in Ivory ft. TRITIYA

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Flicker of shadow|light

"Dressing is a way of life, creating concepts of style like memories" Today's outfit is inspired by the subtle contrasting of light and dark in fashion. Fashion is a tricky subject, and manipulating trends to suit your style can be a task. But merging elements into contrasts can create an interesting palette. | Outfit :… Continue reading Flicker of shadow|light


Rustic Splendor ft. WEAVERS SOUL

"In a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic" Today's post is in collaboration with Weavers soul. This beautiful outfit is one from the latest collection that was recently out!, the Ikat inspired collection is another addition to our Handloom collabs! Our  love and support for handloom will be ever-lasting. The look is… Continue reading Rustic Splendor ft. WEAVERS SOUL