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My Personal Stylist ft. Krate Box

"Fashion is just a trend, but Style lives within you!"  I have recently had the opportunity to curate my personalized look with the help of @krateclothing The krate subscription box gives you the opportunity to decode your own fashion with customized measurements and preferences. Well here is the revelation, my look. This was what was decoded of… Continue reading My Personal Stylist ft. Krate Box

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Style On Duty Ft. GOT

"Life isn't perfect, but your outfit can sure as hell be" Isn't fashion the perfect way to get away from the reality of life? Here I am styled in this trendy graphic tee, from the GOT ( Game of Thrones collection ) by Redwolf. I believe I am not a Queen but a Khaleesi! I… Continue reading Style On Duty Ft. GOT

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‘His’ Everyday Essentials – Listed

" My must-haves help me keep my cool " We all have a few essentials that we just cannot do without. And so do I! These are things that I need in my day to day life. Whether you are a man or a woman or a child even, there are somethings that you need… Continue reading ‘His’ Everyday Essentials – Listed