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Classy but Sassy! ft. H&M

"Fashion can be bought, but one must possess style" Yes! we have been hearing since forever that life is too short to wear boring clothes! But what is the point if you cannot rock a stylish number? It's all about your attitude. Fashion without depth is just going to end up as decoration! Okay now… Continue reading Classy but Sassy! ft. H&M

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The Graphic craze! ft. REDWOLF

"There's a story behind every Graphic Tee Shirt" I am sure most of us have a ton of graphic tees in our closets. And sure we may have classic suits, formals, nightwear, and party wear, but the best fit for any occasion and to fit perfectly to describe your mood is none other than a… Continue reading The Graphic craze! ft. REDWOLF

Featured, Women's fashion

Handloom Day ft. Sruthi Reddy

"Handlooms are not just yardages of fabrics, they are the Craft & Beauty of the Nation" On this wonderful occasion of Handloom Day, we celebrate and spread the joy of Indian Handlooms. I am wearing this graceful yarn dyed - hand woven Anarkali by Sruthi Reddy. These Yardages attain their beauty, woven stitch by stitch… Continue reading Handloom Day ft. Sruthi Reddy

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Sailor Style ft. SCULLERS

"A Smooth Sea Never Made a Skillful Sailor" Life is like the sea, there may be a storm along the way, but if you hold on you can survive. Adjusting the sails and running through tough storms to come out alive is the true essence of a Sailor's life. Today's Outfit is inspired by a… Continue reading Sailor Style ft. SCULLERS