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Get Beautiful Tresses with Fairfax

My journey to Beautiful, healthy tresses, with Fairfax, which literally means just that! So let's get to it, being a busy girl, you can just imagine how much my work involves me staying outside most of the time. Which means pollution, dust, and all sorts of harmful elements that could potentially damage my hair. As… Continue reading Get Beautiful Tresses with Fairfax

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La Vie En Rose – Life in Pink

Je Vous La Vie En Rose - Watching the World through Rose coloured Lenses Literally translated, La Vie en Rose means looking at Life in Pink. The French way of saying looking at Life from a positive perspective, the brighter side of life. So here is a look that perfectly translates my mood. And How I… Continue reading La Vie En Rose – Life in Pink

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Classy but Sassy! ft. H&M

"Fashion can be bought, but one must possess style" Yes! we have been hearing since forever that life is too short to wear boring clothes! But what is the point if you cannot rock a stylish number? It's all about your attitude. Fashion without depth is just going to end up as decoration! Okay now… Continue reading Classy but Sassy! ft. H&M

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Top 5 Bridal Beauty trends of 2017

The wedding season is around the corner and one thing that comes to mind is a gorgeous bride. Weddings are a magical time, especially here in India. The Bride is adorned with beautiful jewels and all dolled up in the best makeup and hairstyle! It’s her special day and why compromise? It’s the one day… Continue reading Top 5 Bridal Beauty trends of 2017

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Beauty Regime ft. ROYAL INDULGENCE

"Beautiful skin begins with Exceptional skincare" It's true, we all have busy schedules and it is difficult to spend hours taking care of your skin. But your skin deserves only the best. And here's how I managed to pamper my skin in a quick and simple way with Lodhradi.  It gives your skin the nourishment and… Continue reading Beauty Regime ft. ROYAL INDULGENCE