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The Elegant Stitch ft. TRANSLATE

"Beautiful things come together, one stitch at a time" Handlooms are not just art, they are a bundle of efforts put together to create a beautiful fabric. Today's post is an overview of the latest collection by Ikat India, it shows how an elegant fabric can come together in a graceful yet simple silhouette. These… Continue reading The Elegant Stitch ft. TRANSLATE

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Top 5 Bridal Beauty trends of 2017

The wedding season is around the corner and one thing that comes to mind is a gorgeous bride. Weddings are a magical time, especially here in India. The Bride is adorned with beautiful jewels and all dolled up in the best makeup and hairstyle! It’s her special day and why compromise? It’s the one day… Continue reading Top 5 Bridal Beauty trends of 2017

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The Whitespace ft. LENSKART

"Don't let the fear of failure stop you from trying" Today's look is inspired by a white-on-white ensemble featuring these super cool glasses by Lenskart.  The weather has been fluctuating recently, with the monsoon kicking in, and the offset of summers. Therefore my outfit needed to be versatile for any weather coming my way. The… Continue reading The Whitespace ft. LENSKART

Women's fashion

Peach Blossoms ft. FLYROBE

"Once upon a time, we all dreamt of a fairytale where we belonged" If you can't find your own fairytale then start painting it! We all deserve a good tale and the only person standing in your way, is you. Today I bring to the blog my little epiphany feeling like a princess! Thanks to… Continue reading Peach Blossoms ft. FLYROBE

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5 Things Every Guy Should Carry in His Gym Bag

Going to the Gym is incomplete without these few handy essentials! I am sure your gym bag already has a spare pair of keys, additional shorts, phone tucked neatly and a water bottle. But here are a few more essentials you are likely to miss out! 1. A Pair of Wireless Earphones : Nothing can… Continue reading 5 Things Every Guy Should Carry in His Gym Bag