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5 Things Every Guy Should Carry in His Gym Bag

Going to the Gym is incomplete without these few handy essentials! I am sure your gym bag already has a spare pair of keys, additional shorts, phone tucked neatly and a water bottle. But here are a few more essentials you are likely to miss out!


1. A Pair of Wireless Earphones :

Nothing can ruin a good workout at the gym than poor quality earphones. When you are in the moment and about to finish your reps but your wire gets tangled, its all a big mess. So always make sure to keep a Bluetooth earbud handy so that it doesn’t get in the way of your exercise. And good quality music from a nice earphone can give you the right energy to have a beat workout session!

2. A Small Gym cloth/towel :

Most gyms out there have complimentary hand towels but if your’s doesn’t then make sure to carry your own towel. Don’t make the mistake of sharing another person’s used towel. You cannot avoid sweating when at the gym, so do yourself one good and to others by carrying a napkin to wipe away any sweat. And its even better if your towel comes with a small hook so you can hook it to your shorts or the machine you are working on.

3. A Spray or Roll-on Deodorant :

Now this one is a no-brainer, its obvious that you are going to sweat if you are at the gym. And you are probably smelling worse than you think. So make sure to carry a tube of deodorant along with you so that you can smell pleasant even after a heated workout session. And keeping a deo around you can also lend it to someone who absolutely needs it.

4. Extra Pair of clothing :

Okay, so you have had the best day at the gym and you sweated it out thoroughly. But then you notice your outfit has many sweat stains and you need to catch up with a couple of friends later. So always keep another pair handy just in case you need a change after a quick steam or shower at your gym. You can leave the gym feeling fresher and much clean. You will find this tip useful if you ever find yourself stuck when your girlfriend is calling to meet but your clothing is drenched in sweat and sweat stains.

5. Protein Shake in a Bottle :

Whether you are looking to bulk up or slim down it is always recommended to incorporate a protein powder into your diet. It is an effective way to build up your body in the proper way to fit right into your gym routine. Whey is the most recommended protein powder by fitness experts for gym enthusiasts. Transform your workout into something fruitful by adding this to your diet and elevate your results.

I hope you find this list useful, have a great workout and makes sure to pack all the right things into your gym bag! These are some essentials that I absolutely cannot miss carrying to my workout routines. Let me know if you have a few more essentials to be added to the list! Until next time. Keep it stylish, Keep it mean.

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2 thoughts on “5 Things Every Guy Should Carry in His Gym Bag”

  1. Hi,
    A very well-developed post with step by step guidance on types of people at the gym. The way you explained each point with necessary details and maintained good balance between theory and practice is really commendable. I highly appreciate your hard work for creating this post.



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