Women's fashion

Peach Blossoms ft. FLYROBE

“Once upon a time, we all dreamt of a fairytale where we belonged”


If you can’t find your own fairytale then start painting it! We all deserve a good tale and the only person standing in your way, is you. Today I bring to the blog my little epiphany feeling like a princess! Thanks to this gorgeous outfit by Flyrobe I have never felt more like a princess dressed in this (all shades of pink) ensemble!

Clothes are truely therapeutic, in a way they uplift your emotions. You may wonder how, because it has the power to make you feel beautiful just the way you are. Adorned and decorated like a piece of art. Don’t take this in a wrong way. But there is nothing happy treating yourself with beautiful clothes to lift your mood. Just like chocolates!


Life is difficult, trust me we all go through bad phases in our life. And at which point we get rational and criticise that fairytales exist only in movies and there can be no happy endings. But thats not true, you are just restricting yourself from taking a second chance and living your life. Live to pamper and love yourself, live to adorn your beautiful self.


We need to fight to find our fairytales, it does exist. A fairytale does not mean rosey backgrounds and happiness with no pain, well atleast not in real life. I think it should mean something much more. It means finding happiness with yourself, being loved and to love, and to smile everyday knowing that you can find happiness in the littlest of things.


Dress not to impress another, but to feel loved by yourself. To know that you can make an effort for your body. Clothing is not just a bare necessity, it has the power to be your identity. It makes you elated all at once and gives you confidence to be yourself. So dress up! and go paint the town red! well in my case, pink 😛


Happiness can be found in the smallest things, and it differs for everyone. There is no right way or wrong way, as long as it makes you smile. This is how I like to be happy, being a princess in my own fairytale. What’s your story? leave it in the comment section below and don’t forget to hit a like and show some love. Until next time!





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