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The Elegant Stitch ft. TRANSLATE

“Beautiful things come together, one stitch at a time”

Handlooms are not just art, they are a bundle of efforts put together to create a beautiful fabric. Today’s post is an overview of the latest collection by Ikat India, it shows how an elegant fabric can come together in a graceful yet simple silhouette. These anti-fit comfort clothing is the perfect essence of a handloom attire. Check out 3 ensembles that bring out the pattern of Ikat in a modern yet classical manner.

DSC_0656This tunic does justice to the color combinations in a delicate way. The light blue with the white Ikat pattern brings out a bright essence suiting the color of the sky. The slight gather at the waist seam creates a bit of volume falling at the perfect length just below the calves.

DSC_0541This loose fit kaftan with the delicate red embellishment creates an interesting combination while enhancing the blend of dark tones over a light palette. The Ikat pattern shows clearly with the silhouette and falls perfectly over any body type.

DSC_0677This last one is a blend of modern assymetery with a traditional twist. It is in a kimono-shirt style with a breezy fit.  The loose fit kurta is the right fit for Indian weather. It is a trendy look for any ocassion.

Okay! That’s it for now. Stay tuned for more such Outfit reviews. Let us know what you think of this short and brief approach and we can explore more on this. Until then, stay stylish, stay mean.

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