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Hey & Grey Ft. T.M.W

"Life isn't all Black and white, it's somewhere in between the Greys" It's been a while, but we are back with a bang with a new and exciting concept. In Greys and a splatter of Black and white with Bae. Keep reading to check out our looks, and get to know more about it. Some… Continue reading Hey & Grey Ft. T.M.W

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The Graphic craze! ft. REDWOLF

"There's a story behind every Graphic Tee Shirt" I am sure most of us have a ton of graphic tees in our closets. And sure we may have classic suits, formals, nightwear, and party wear, but the best fit for any occasion and to fit perfectly to describe your mood is none other than a… Continue reading The Graphic craze! ft. REDWOLF

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The Elegant Stitch ft. TRANSLATE

"Beautiful things come together, one stitch at a time" Handlooms are not just art, they are a bundle of efforts put together to create a beautiful fabric. Today's post is an overview of the latest collection by Ikat India, it shows how an elegant fabric can come together in a graceful yet simple silhouette. These… Continue reading The Elegant Stitch ft. TRANSLATE

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Fashion Journals ft. WOODGEEK

There is an incomparable satisfaction in having customized products. Maybe it is because of the fact that no-one else will have the same and it has been made specially for you. And that makes it all the more Precious. Recently we have had the opportunity to order for Customised Notebooks from Woodgeek, and the experience was exciting.… Continue reading Fashion Journals ft. WOODGEEK

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Fashion show review!

Victoria's Secret 2016 The Victoria's secret fashion show kicks off with the Paris fashion show, and as usual it never fails to surprise us all. The collection was filled with extravagant lingerie and exaggerated silhouettes with the angels and their wings. The show was filled with couture lingerie and top models and musical performances from… Continue reading Fashion show review!

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Chic in Ivory ft. TRITIYA

"Classics in fashion are made to fit a look that is naturally effortless" White is a classic shade, an achromatic with no hues, but it is the most beloved palette when it comes to something classic. Today's post is in collaboration with the lovely Tritiya Designs, featuring their latest collection filled with ivory and pearl off… Continue reading Chic in Ivory ft. TRITIYA


Graceful weaves ft. LABEL 10

  "Elegance and Grace is the only true meaning to simplicity, and significance lies within such beauty" The beauty in Handlooms is within the simplicity in design and the artistic technique that goes behind the weaves that gives a beautiful end product. Today's post is in collaboration with Label10, we have put together an earthy story with… Continue reading Graceful weaves ft. LABEL 10