Fresh Breath Day ft. Kwikmint

Happy Fresh Breath Day you guys!! Here's something refreshing coming up!! A minty freshness can save your day any time! So here are a few moments where my Kwikmint has been with me! Keep reading! Friends Meetup! : Getting ready to hangout with some pals? Then you cannot miss this. I’ve got all my essentials… Continue reading Fresh Breath Day ft. Kwikmint

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Ivory Grace ft. House of Masaba

"Class and Elegance comes from within! And there is no secret to it" Hey guys!! I hope you are doing well!! It's been a while so I bring to you an absolute divine look! Coming straight from the Masaba closet!! Featuring this gorgeous classic number from House of Masaba. Keep reading for more deets on… Continue reading Ivory Grace ft. House of Masaba

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My Top Winter picks

"The Weather Forecast calls for Cold Conditions & Hot Fashion" So guys! Before winter gets away from us, let me just run you through some of my top looks from the season. One of my favourite seasons as I am all about layering. But as the weather in India does not allow us to carry… Continue reading My Top Winter picks

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La Vie En Rose – Life in Pink

Je Vous La Vie En Rose - Watching the World through Rose coloured Lenses Literally translated, La Vie en Rose means looking at Life in Pink. The French way of saying looking at Life from a positive perspective, the brighter side of life. So here is a look that perfectly translates my mood. And How I… Continue reading La Vie En Rose – Life in Pink

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Shades of Bold & Beautiful

" A Rebel at heart, A boss lady knows how to Hustle until the Hater's stop " If you thought 50 shades of grey was hot, then you ought to look at this. Wait, before you start assuming, its just a look I put together, inspired by A boss lady, in Grey. I have put… Continue reading Shades of Bold & Beautiful

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Style On Duty Ft. GOT

"Life isn't perfect, but your outfit can sure as hell be" Isn't fashion the perfect way to get away from the reality of life? Here I am styled in this trendy graphic tee, from the GOT ( Game of Thrones collection ) by Redwolf. I believe I am not a Queen but a Khaleesi! I… Continue reading Style On Duty Ft. GOT

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The Graphic craze! ft. REDWOLF

"There's a story behind every Graphic Tee Shirt" I am sure most of us have a ton of graphic tees in our closets. And sure we may have classic suits, formals, nightwear, and party wear, but the best fit for any occasion and to fit perfectly to describe your mood is none other than a… Continue reading The Graphic craze! ft. REDWOLF

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Sailor Style ft. SCULLERS

"A Smooth Sea Never Made a Skillful Sailor" Life is like the sea, there may be a storm along the way, but if you hold on you can survive. Adjusting the sails and running through tough storms to come out alive is the true essence of a Sailor's life. Today's Outfit is inspired by a… Continue reading Sailor Style ft. SCULLERS

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The Whitespace ft. LENSKART

"Don't let the fear of failure stop you from trying" Today's look is inspired by a white-on-white ensemble featuring these super cool glasses by Lenskart.  The weather has been fluctuating recently, with the monsoon kicking in, and the offset of summers. Therefore my outfit needed to be versatile for any weather coming my way. The… Continue reading The Whitespace ft. LENSKART

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Fashion Journals ft. WOODGEEK

There is an incomparable satisfaction in having customized products. Maybe it is because of the fact that no-one else will have the same and it has been made specially for you. And that makes it all the more Precious. Recently we have had the opportunity to order for Customised Notebooks from Woodgeek, and the experience was exciting.… Continue reading Fashion Journals ft. WOODGEEK