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La Vie En Rose – Life in Pink

Je Vous La Vie En Rose - Watching the World through Rose coloured Lenses Literally translated, La Vie en Rose means looking at Life in Pink. The French way of saying looking at Life from a positive perspective, the brighter side of life. So here is a look that perfectly translates my mood. And How I… Continue reading La Vie En Rose – Life in Pink

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Sailor Style ft. SCULLERS

"A Smooth Sea Never Made a Skillful Sailor" Life is like the sea, there may be a storm along the way, but if you hold on you can survive. Adjusting the sails and running through tough storms to come out alive is the true essence of a Sailor's life. Today's Outfit is inspired by a… Continue reading Sailor Style ft. SCULLERS

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Metallic neutrals ft. ROSSOYUKI

"Dress like how you want to Addressed, the joy of dressing is an art" Metallics are in this season, and when teamed with neutral tones its a perfect match! Today's post is in collaboration with Rossoyuki, featuring this gorgeous clutch with embroidered metallic shade leaves. The gold, silver and rose gold go perfectly with black.… Continue reading Metallic neutrals ft. ROSSOYUKI



Pondicherry Dairies Day 1 ( visit the page pondicherry for more ) The serene beauty in the scenario, the lush coconut trees, and waters so blue, our trip to the prior French colony in the state of Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry. We wish to take…..(see more) Source: Pondicherry