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Handloom Day ft. Sruthi Reddy

“Handlooms are not just yardages of fabrics, they are the Craft & Beauty of the Nation”


On this wonderful occasion of Handloom Day, we celebrate and spread the joy of Indian Handlooms. I am wearing this graceful yarn dyed – hand woven Anarkali by Sruthi Reddy. These Yardages attain their beauty, woven stitch by stitch by the efforts of Craftsmen. Today was the Day, August 7, that marked the movement boycotting Foreign fabrics in order to revive domestic crafts and looms.

Sruthi Reddy’s vision has always lied in crafting exquisite collections with pure and honest fabrics at its heart. Owing to today’s time and culture the brand invests on hitting that right balance between heritage handlooms and new age fabrics. The collections are further elevated through smart use of colour, bold patterns and embroideries.


Handlooms carry a story, every stitch is made with love and effort and delicately woven to create a fabric. They have a rich feel, because the work done is intricate and interesting.  The Handloom Day signifies the need to strengthen this cause of ‘handlooms’ among us Youth. Textile is something that needs dire attention as it is the part of an identity, a nation. From attractive woven fabrics to intricate embroidery work, and contemporary but ethnic style brings together a precious piece of attire.

Many of us may not understand the  worth of these impeccable beautiful weaves. The  natural blend of these weaves with the tender embroideries create a magnificent piece of work. A handloom requires much more attention and efficiency to be made. An artisan is solely bothered about creating a work of art but is often left ignored when it comes to value. The value of a handloom is priceless!

DSC_0227 (1)

These fabrics create alluring pieces when collaborated with design. It takes them to another level. Designers today are catering to the cause of spreading awareness among youth about the valuable weaves. So contribute to the concept of Handloom, the most valuable contribution of India. And understand what magic happens behind these looms.

10 years in the business, Sruthi Reddy Studio has created a luxury niche market for itself in the city. From bridal wear to smart casuals, the brand has been a one stop destination for many of its repetitive clientele. The studio strives to continue to build on its success by offering strong premium collections.

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