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Modern Vintage ft. FLYROBE

DSCF2858E” A classic is something that remains in your heart forever no matter what time”


Today’s post is in collaboration with Flyrobe & photography by Vamshi Krishna. The ensemble comprises of a classic tan blazer teamed with loafers with a tassel trim. The concept is based from my favorite city after home, Hyderabad. The city is full of life, and it all connects to the beautiful Charminar. The precious possession of Hyderabadis!


You will never know where you are going if you don’t remember where it all began. Life is full of adventures, and you may be clueless where it takes you, but to get a focus always stay humble to your beginnings.


There is a spark in classics that I can connect with. Bringing a bit of structure to this beautiful corner in the city. When you bring an edge to a classic, it creates a whole new story all together. Everyone has a story, and there can never be bad stories, because you always learn something.


No city is perfect, just like no person is. It is those small flaws that make it so much more meaningful. Never be ashamed of what you represent, having an independent personality is much more higher. Bring together a look if you have the confidence to pull it off. It doesn’t matter otherwise.


Bringing my own to this ensemble makes it even more special. I like teaming pastels and white tints along with tan shades. Recognize what colors and silhouettes are most attractive for you, and go ahead and fill your wardrobe up with those. Because if you like it then it might for sure complement you!


We all need to embrace that there is something special and unique in everyone of us. And that Fashion can be however you want it to be. And when you bring together two different things that have beautiful meanings individually, MAGIC happens!

I hope I could convey to you, what classic means to me! for me fashion is a book that I would like to write with my own language. And we hope you have enjoyed getting the glimpse of the old city in our hearts. So until next time stay stylish, stay mean!





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