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Damsel in Velvet ft. KALP

"Beauty is not in the face, Beauty is a light in the heart" Never judge someone by their looks, and make an attempt to learn more about them, they could have stories that have never been told, voices that have never been told. Quoting from my latest collaboration "It is always the simple that produces… Continue reading Damsel in Velvet ft. KALP

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Styling my basics

Have you run out of new clothes to wear, well worry not, you can always dig up one of your old t-shirts to create a new style. In today's post we will show you how we styled our basic old tee with some simple accessorizing to create a new look!. His style : I am… Continue reading Styling my basics



Pondicherry Dairies Day 1 ( visit the page pondicherry for more ) The serene beauty in the scenario, the lush coconut trees, and waters so blue, our trip to the prior French colony in the state of Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry. We wish to take…..(see more) Source: Pondicherry

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Fashion dialect

They say eyes can translate a whole language better than words can, as they speak for your soul, so many people get sold into the hunt for material that they lose the passion in their eyes that brings out a true spark, a spark for hope, a spark for passion, a passion that has striken… Continue reading Fashion dialect