How To Effortlessly Style Your Basics


Want to take your basics up a notch? With just a few basic styling tips you can transform your basics into a trendy new outfit! Styling your basics is not as complicated as it may seem. All you need is a bunch of items from your wardrobe to switch over your boring outfits. Here are 4 basics that I styled.

  • Basic Tee:

This solid crew neck short sleeve tee is perfect for casual wear. However you can make it look more stylish! Just start by tucking in your tee into a pair of high waisted trousers. Put your hair in a bun for a smart look.  Add a pair of white shoes to the outfit for styling basics. Lastly add a waist bag to accentuate your waist more! All this together will make your tee look effortlessly stylish.

  • Basic Romper:

The next outfit is a basic Tube Romper. Styling basics is all about the details. If the outfit seems too plain, it can be amped up with accessories. Start by adding a belt to the outfit. The next styling tip you should know while wearing any tube dress is to tuck in the straps. Lastly if the romper feels too short, you can ensure that your shoes can cover some of your legs. A pair of black boots is perfect to style over a romper. And if the bare shoulder makes you uncomfortable, then a hat or cap should remove the focus from there.

  • Camisole Dress:

A halter neck camisole dress is the current trend! But halter necks might feel a bit uneasy to be worn bare. If that’s the case you can always insert a t-shirt underneath. Basic fits can sometimes feel boring, but effortless styling it can make you look trendy. Let your hair down and pin up a few strands in the back. Put on a pair of knee high boots to finish the look! Knee high boots also help if you are not too keen on short dresses.

  • Basic Top:

Styling your basics is also adjusting the fit of your basic top or dress. Boxy fit tops might not be preferred by every body type. In that case you can style it in a different way to still accentuate the top. Tie a knot in the front, not only will it change the boxy fit but also accentuate your waist. Add a pair of nude heels to boost your top fit. You can even pair the look with a floral clutch to make it look trendier.

Styling basics is all about what you pair the outfit with. It could become a statement top with all the styling.  Don’t layer the basics too much. Keep it simple with some basic styling like bags or shoes to still keep the essence. Avoid adding too many unnecessary styling as it can end up looking tacky. Instead keep it minimalistic and to the point to ensure that your basics look stylish at the same time.   

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