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Concert Look : fastrackXmarshmello

Concert Outfit at The Marshmello Concert in Hyderabad 2019:

Hey Guys! on this post you will find my outfit to the concert that was recently held at Hyderabad, performed by none other than the Happier, super block buster DJ, Marshmello.

Swipe to check out images from the concert and my outfit! Below find a descriptive representation of my whole look.

I went for an elaborate Coachella look for the concert. Considering sunburn arena, and the summers, my outfit was very summery! But talk about details! For starters, let’s talk about the ensemble :

Outfit : I wore a floral print bralette/corset top, with a pair of raw hemmed denim shorts, and fishnet stockings underneath it. To top it off with layers, I wore a Tan jacket.

Accessories : For accessories I wore a bunch of beaded chains, along with a cute hairband that went perfect with my bangs look! for shoes I wore a pair of platforms with tie up engineering in the front in beige.

I hope you liked my outfit! If you do please let me know in the comments section below and share my post. XOXO. Until next time, keep it stylish, keep it mean.

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