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“What can be better when Formal Fashion meets Street style? The perfect combination”


Hey guys!! Long time since I updated an outfit post. So here’s a recent look I did and I hope you like it! In the essence, it’s a perfect blend of a formal Friday look with a street touch to yank it up a bit!! so check it out for more on the deets!

Let’s get onto the look now, shall we? So I have paired a formal white trouser with a formal pastel blue shirt. And over this, I have given it a more casual denim jacket in a rustic brown color that suits my choice of location too!


Getting to my hair and accessories, I went for my classic first choice hairstyle. Combed up in the center with the sides kept trim and short.  And my beard is groomed in a French fashion. Don’t miss my favorite pair of sunglasses with an ombre brown and black combination.


Getting to the star of my outfit, The shoes. These classy Mules in navy blue. The fringe detail is not my only favorite part. Take a note on the back, it’s a slip-on style, which again adds on to the comfort quotient.  Which is why it makes the perfect addition to this street+formal style look.


So that’s it you guys!! I hope you liked this look! And please show us some love through your likes and comments and give us feedback on how to do better! Until next time, keep it stylish, keep it mean!

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