Fresh Breath Day ft. Kwikmint

Happy Fresh Breath Day you guys!!

Here’s something refreshing coming up!! A minty freshness can save your day any time! So here are a few moments where my Kwikmint has been with me! Keep reading!

Friends Meetup! : Getting ready to hangout with some pals? Then you cannot miss this. I’ve got all my essentials including my makeup, glasses, wallet and not to forget mouth freshener! kwikmint is truly my handbag essential.

Lunch Date : A special day with your bae? Then don’t forget to carry your lucky charm with you kwikmint is something we both love. Our long conversations and long days need a bit of a minty refreshment.

Regular Freshness: Enjoying my day, feeling fresh with #kiwkmint If you have had a long day and need a quick refresh then Kwik Mint is what you need!!

Party Ready: In the mood for a party tonight? Well here are some of my must-have essentials before I step out. I never forget to carry my kwikmint Mouth Fresheners incase I plan to drink for the night! As it leaves me feeling minty fresh!

Wallet essentials : Minis That I always carry along with me in my wallet! And among which is these sleek sachets that are so compact that they can fit anywhere! So being fresh and minty is no more a hassle.

House Party : If you may consume alcohol on your special night, then you must carry this sleek product, that slips easily into your pocket.

So there are some of our essentials to keep Kwik Mint handy! What about you? Leave it in the comments below and do give us a heads up!

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