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Ivory Grace ft. House of Masaba

“Class and Elegance comes from within! And there is no secret to it”

Hey guys!! I hope you are doing well!! It’s been a while so I bring to you an absolute divine look! Coming straight from the Masaba closet!! Featuring this gorgeous classic number from House of Masaba. Keep reading for more deets on the look!

So lets talk about this lovely look!! It is a power suit, with a black full sleeved cropped top, with an interesting neckline detail. And then we have a formal trouser mid-waist. Over the two we have a gorgeous georgette embroidered drape.

Don’t miss out on my accessories!! To accessorise I put together these Grey-silver neutral statement pieces to suit the colours in my outfit! First these Tasselled mirror studded earrings. And then these two finger rings in oxidised metal. Gorgeous aren’t they?

So that’s my look!! All Greys and neutrals I say! Because hey! Fashion is not just about colours, it’s about silhouettes too. And for design, colour only matters so much, so that’s about it! I restricted adding any colour to this gorgeous outfit. As I did not want to steal attention.

Don’t miss out on my shoes! Saved the best for the last! These babies are none other than the amazing “Jimmy Choo’s” That’s right! I see you are envying me already! But trust me I was in love too! But unfortunately did not get to keep these lovelies!!

So that’s it you guys!! I hope you liked this look! And please show us some love through your likes and comments and give us feedback on how to do better! Until next time, keep it stylish, keep it mean!

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