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Dressed To Gig, The Party Look

“Oh Darling! It Won’t Be A Party Without Me”

IMG_3431I have always and will always be the life of the party! That’s right, and when you are the life of the party, you better dress like it. So here’s a little number that is my recent party favorite look! Well, you can say that I am always ready to dress for the gig. Let’s check out this look, for now, keep reading.

This little navy blue number with a side slit way up to the thigh is a princess paneled bodycon dress. Along with that, I have left my hair natural in its rich brown curly state. Let those straight locks be with formal classics, but these curls need to be out for a gig look. Won’t you agree?


Coming to accessorizing and all, I like to keep it minimal, I have never been the one to go all the way when it comes to bringing on some bling! I have this simple neckpiece with some amethyst beads in a floral V-style. My makeup is, as usual, mascara, blush, bronzer and a rich mauvy red shade on my lips, complementing the outfit and mood.

What is your go-to party look? I never personally believe in dressing up boring, because why? You have so many options to choose from, to explore and create your own personal style, then why compromise and settle with something that does not speak YOU! Every dress you wear needs to show your personality and style.

So the final verdict, my look. Bold with an elegant touch. Classy but Sassy, but never trashy. I love this bodycon, as it clings perfectly to my figure-type, i.e, petite and delicate. And the color complements my rich brown hair and not to mention my dusky complexion. So tell me what you think of this look and if you like how it looks on me! until next time keep it stylish, keep it mean.

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