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Hey & Grey Ft. T.M.W

“Life isn’t all Black and white, it’s somewhere in between the Greys”


It’s been a while, but we are back with a bang with a new and exciting concept. In Greys and a splatter of Black and white with Bae. Keep reading to check out our looks, and get to know more about it. Some from brands and some from street marts, we curated this look to create something classy with a bit of spunk.

When it comes to how we coordinated our look, we tried something different. There can be no Greys without blacks and whites. Similarly, her outfit is all Greys, whereas for him, it’s Black with splatters of white. Together with being hey & grey, Hey there dapper, and Hey there Ms. Grey.


Let’s start with Her look, The jumpsuit is from a street mart in Singapore, styled with strappy shoes I also picked up from a sale at Macy’s. That’s not it, finally, I have these silver rimmed frames. And don’t miss my antique bracelet with the look. For my hairstyle, I’ve kept it natural and flowy.


For him, in a contrast, the look is all black. But with some stylish patterns. The trouser is from Zara, classic striped on the side seam. The shirt is made by design with this crazy white splattered fabric. And for shoes what better than these classic oxfords. And finally, completing the look with these wayfarers.

Hey & Grey, with The Mean Team

Coordinating does not mean having the same exact thoughts. It means how two different thoughts come together to create a union. Our concept represents how we come together with our different thoughts and make something beautiful. Which defines both our own styles, without dominating over the other.


Never let someone else’s style influence you. Always stay true to your personal choices, and even when it’s time to play partner with your significant other, it’s all about coordinating in style direction, without compromising your personal aesthetic. So we have worked upon embracing our aesthetics.


So that’s about our look and how we styled it together. Let us know what you think of this look. And help us create more such looks with your useful feedback! Make sure to give us your love. Until next time, keep it stylish, keep it mean.

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