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The Rebel in Florals ft. H&M

“Unleash the divine rebel beneath you, even a graceful damsel can be a rebel”


Don’t let my soft outlook fool you. I am a rebel within. So, guys, this look features a combination of two contradictory styles, with a floral flowy dress on one side and a structured leather biker jacket on the other side. It is an amalgamation of two concepts, a strong exterior with a delicate inside, more like my nature.


So I have styled my look in this gorgeous rose printed A-line dress from H&M, over which I paired up this leather jacket, from Zara. To top it off I am completing the look with these strappy platform pumps. The dress is more feminine, with an elegant cut, whereas the jacket is stiffer with a more edgy sort of a look.


It is the typical notion that someone who dresses in graceful drapes or floral and flowy dresses cannot be harsh, or cannot take a stand. But clothing defines your sense of style, your personality, it does not undermine you. We all have a rebel within, a tough side, and a delicate calm side. And it’s up to us which side we want to show.


Your clothes define your style sensibility, your personality even, but it can never dictate a societal notion upon you. You will still be the person you define yourself as. And the blend of edgy with flowy brings a perfect balance, don’t you agree? It brings just the needed toughness with the perfect blend of sensitivity.


Don’t let the clothes wear you, wear the clothes, take charge over your fashion. Fashion should only reflect your style, not showcase something you are not. Your confidence and attitude is what you should bring to the game. Your clothes, your outfit will only reflect that!.


So That’s about it, folks! my perfect blend of edgy with floral softness. I hope you liked the look! And I think it will be perfect for a summer night! don’t you agree? well if you do please hit a like for more summer looks! Until next time, keep it stylish, keep it mean.

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