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Fashion On The Roads ft. Royal Enfield

“Keeping it Hot for the Summer, Classic Biker-jacket Never Gets Old”


Who say’s you can’t style a black look or even a leather jacket in summers. It’s a classic look you ought to have in your wardrobe. We hit the roads one fine summer evening, and I was absolutely thrilled to style my look to ride this beauty. Featuring in this blog post is the Continental GT by Royal Enfield. Keep reading for more

To keep up with the sleek design, I styled my look to fit the same. I added features like structured, slim-fit, metallic into my look. Starting with this biker jacket to go along with this beauty of a bike. I try not to layer too much for this look as it’s summer. Keep the look hot but don’t end up feeling too hot yourself!


Okay so going over the look. We have a white basic tee, styled below the leather jacket. Along with a pair of black denim and black sneakers. It’s very classic and the typical biker guy look, you can say. For accessories, I have this silver watch, along with shades and a couple of wristbands.


Who say’s you must only twin with your partner, I say go beyond and twin with your bike. I love the neat clean cut of this bike, it reflects my personal taste and style sensibility. Simple but Significant, just how I like it. You don’t need to pile a bunch of fashion trends just because it’s trending. Style it how you like it and keep it personal.

That’s it, for now, folks, more summery looks coming ahead. But let’s kick start with a winter-summer post to balance it out. And don’t shy away from blacks this summer, because it’s the hottest shade for every season. And you know you want to!! I hope you liked this post, a classic among trends. We hope to bring you some exciting summer looks so stay tuned.

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