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Get Beautiful Tresses with Fairfax

IMG_8607My journey to Beautiful, healthy tresses, with Fairfax, which literally means just that!

So let’s get to it, being a busy girl, you can just imagine how much my work involves me staying outside most of the time. Which means pollution, dust, and all sorts of harmful elements that could potentially damage my hair. As a blogger, I often use heat to style my hair, which has degraded it’s quality drastically. But however, I have been very critical to ever try any treatment until I found Fairfax.

My hair is very sensitive, but Fairfax is a 100% herbal product, I decided to give it a go, and I started using it for a little over 6 days when I started to notice my hair look more healthy with a natural shine. When I couldn’t see any difference in a couple of days I started questioning it, but you got to give it a few days to settle with your hair.


A brief about the product: Fairfax is a hair energizer, that is a 100% herbal product. That’s right, it contains herbs such as nettle leaf, southern wormwood, bark of quinine, etc. If you are wondering what these do, they are known to promote healthy growth in hair, reduce hairfall and give you the gorgeous tresses you deserve.

As I mentioned before, I have put my hair through a lot of heat, styling and even hair color, which has damaged it. Which could be treated with just a few uses of Fairfax. After only about 6-7 applications ( roughly thrice a week), I could see a difference in my hair texture. It’s pretty simple to use it, you can either add a few drops of the liquid energizer to your hair oil or directly onto your scalp after washing it in a mild shampoo. Keep reading to learn more in detail as to how I went about it.

So for the initial few times, I used it, I went ahead by mixing a few drops into my hair oil (coconut oil) Then I kept the oil for a few hours, you can even leave it overnight, and then washed it off with a mild shampoo. If you are in a hurry, you can also try this. This one time I was in a hurry, so after I washed and dried my hair, I mixed a few drops of the liquid in a spoonful of water and applied it with my fingers onto my scalp and hair roots. Both these methods are recommended in the instructions and are safe to use.

Within two weeks I started seeing a clear improvement in my hair. I won’t lie, I was initially very critical about this product, but the results were proof that it was working for me. I had a lot of hairfall, which was taken care off, it has reduced drastically. Even my hair feels stronger and the breakage has gone down.


This was my journey so far with Fairfax, and I do plan to take it further and give my hair the pampering it deserves. Now I don’t need to worry about the heat and styling I put my hair through when I have something to help rejuvenate its texture and quality in no time. So this product has impressed me to add it on to my top hair care product shelf, and I think it can impress you too, so what are you waiting for? Go get yours now.

What did you think of this review? should we do more product reviews like this one right here? let us know in the comment section below.

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