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#Date in Denim ft. VOI Jeans

“Denim is an Everyday Symbol of Style, You may say It’s a Way of Life” V-DAY Edition


And we are back again! this time with an exciting look for this Valentine’s day. Photographed by Sidhant Dhir Samant. So, You may be wondering, why not reds? But why reds? why be something you are not for one day? Valentine’s should be like every other day, so we are featuring this denim on Black look featuring VOI jeans India, and our concept is #dateindenim. Keep reading!


So this is us! on every other day, and it’s something we would like to express to all the duo’s out there. Don’t treat a special day any different. You should have the same energy, the same affection and priority on any other day. Just as how a denim clothing works perfect for every ocassion, on every look, that’s how versatile your relationship should be.

A bit about our looks! So the whole concept brought together by VOI jeans was to style your significant other or partner in a denim highlighted ensemble. So what we did was we kept our looks all black, with a hint of denim, with our jackets ofcourse. The black denim and henley worn by him is from VOI, whereas for her we kept it a simple black turtle neck crop top, over a pair of black ripped jeans.


Now that’s for the look, for our styling, we kept it minimalistic. From brown shades, to black sneakers for her and black oxfords for him. As always, we love to twin our looks, but in our own way. Keeping it around the same aesthetic, but bringing our own touch to it. And that’s how every partnership should be, complementing eachother and not overpowering the other.


We are all born individuals, so why should partnering with another change that? We should never lose our unique traits, not for anyone. It’s what makes you, YOU. Having your own sense of style can mean anything. You can always be inspired by eachother, walk on the same path, but in your own way.


So that’s it for this look guys!! I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s day, with someone, or just with yourself. Because hey! it’s all about self-love now isn’t it? So don’t stop it just because Valentine’s is over, find more reasons to love yourself! Until then, keep it stylish, keep it mean.

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