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The Formal-Casual Blend

“Apricity, The warmth of the Sun in Winter, like a comforting Embrace”


Hey Guys! Here I am again with another striking look for you! This time with a twist, now that the winter is fading so beautifully into summers. This calls for a look that holds a winter aesthetic along with a warm summery embrace. So keep reading to learn more about this look!


Just like summer merged with winter, you will find that my look is a merge of formal with a sporty blend. I have styled a striking classic white shirt along with a pair of grey joggers. And to add to the look, I have this checkered shawl and finally these red converse originals to complete the look.

The warm embrace of the sun in winter is pulling me toward summery colors and styles. And I am loving it. So I am giving layering one last try before the winter is off our back. But don’t get me wrong, we will still do layers in summers, but not as much! I love the pattern of the shawl along with the delicate embroidery.


Why limit your fashion choices? why not converse with shirts? there are no rules, sure there are Fashion police out there, but ultimately, if you can carry a look with confidence then nobody can Stop you. So don’t blindly follow trends, go Do your own thing!

This is my so far top notch look for Winter-Summer, and you have already caught a glimpse of it on my Top Winter Looks post, hurry and check it out if you haven’t already and let me know if this look deserves to be at the top. Let your winter-fading-into-summer looks speak louder than words, let your outfit show that warm sunny embrace from the winter warmth peeking in.


Now as always, let’s get a closer look at the star of my look, my converse originals in red, for a bit of a color pop in the ensemble. SO that’s the end of this look guys, hope you enjoyed my outfit as much as I enjoyed styling it. If you did let me know by hitting a like!! Until next time, keep it stylish, keep it mean.

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