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SunLit Neutrals ft. Nordlich

“There’s always a Sunny Side to Everything! The Winter Sun is Here”


The Winter sun is here, and it’s here to stay! This post is from a sunny afternoon back home. I am relaxing in my go to comfort essentials, Nordlich. I have styled my look with some neo neutral accessories and jacket. And my highlight to this look is this Blue plaid inspired Umbrella, perfect for a winter sun don’t you think?


Let’s go over the look now shall we? I am wearing the Alstaire Pyjamas, which I teamed with this Grey Tee, both by Nordlich. Over which I am wearing this brown bomber jacket and to finish the look with this strappy black slippers. For accessories I have my classic wrist bands and Glasses.


I don’t know about you, but the winter has been crazy for me, from extreme cold nights to warm afternoons. It’s a mix of both worlds, so I got to keep my outfit versatile. As the winter is slowly fading away, it tends to get warmer by the day, so too much layering is not a good idea. So keep it limited and comfortable.


Don’t you just love it when there’s an added element to the whole look? Well I personally do, and this umbrella, working as a prop for me is giving me dapper vibes. Who says you can’t look dapper in comfortwear? It’s all about your attitude and style to carry a look if you ask me.


This morning I headed out, covered in my jacket from the winter chills, and protecting myself from the sun! This is that time of the year when you get to experience the hot sun along with chilly cold winds, and honestly one of the best times ever to experiment with your whole look.


So this was the Look folks! And I hope you liked it! And I would suggest you add props or an additional element to your look to spice it up and take it up a notch. It will create an interesting vibe to it, trust me. Until next time, keep it stylish, keep it mean.

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