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Winter Grey’s in January

“Like the Warmth of the Sun on a cold grey winter, everything has something Good”


Last winter we covered the Winter Blues! So let’s do something a bit different this time. So This look is kept very low key, it’s nearing the end of winters, and the sun is out and bright. And where I stay it’s not really as cold, so this look does justice to protect me from the weather without layering too many layers.

Honestly, sometimes I like to avoid any accessories. So for this look, you will see that there are no accessories. My look is basically an off shoulder woollen top, with Spaghetti straps, over a pair of classic faded jeans in Grey. And for hair, I have left it messy, as it complements my length at the moment.

The skies are clear and grey, just like this layout for my shoot! For footwear, I have worn this strappy number, in an earthy brown colour. And even my makeup is kept to the bare minimum, with some blush and a slight pinkish colour on the lips so I look more flushed rather than dull and grey like the weather. A Key tip for Makeup shades on winters*!

If you look at my styles, I like to keep things more minimalistic, as compared to going overboard. It’s something I am more comfortable with and I feel even my audience would feel more connected as well. You just got to remember that Fashion is not always about mimicking everything you see off the runway. Bring your own personal style to it.


Every look you create can be inspired by a fashionable look. But you can either add to it or bring it down a bit to suit your own style sensibility. So instead of being a blind follower, do your own thing and you will love to Dress Up!

So this was my Winter Greys, what did you think of this look I put together? Hit a like and show me your love! Until next time, keep it stylish, keep it mean.

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