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My Top Winter picks

“The Weather Forecast calls for Cold Conditions & Hot Fashion”


So guys! Before winter gets away from us, let me just run you through some of my top looks from the season. One of my favourite seasons as I am all about layering. But as the weather in India does not allow us to carry layers all through the year, this is the best time. SO check 5 of my top looks. Let’s go from 5th to the top most!

Jumper with Ripped Denim and Loafers

Let’s Start with the 5th Look. This one is perfect for a casual look. I styled this Black and white jumper with my favourite ripped denim. And then completed the look with some accessories, a hat and these neutral loafers. It’s a very relaxed and laid-back look. And very easy going. I would suggest you wear this for college, or a day at the mall or just for a hangout with your buds.

Ikat Shirt with Blazer over Joggers and Loafers

Okay, so the Fourth look. This one is more of a semi-formal look if you must. Its a fusion, with an Indian fabric put into a western silhouette. I have teamed this Ikat Black shirt with a tailored blazer, and with a twist paired this with a pair of black fitted joggers. And to top the look off with some regular accessories and these fringed loafers in a tan colour.

Bomber Jacket with Stone Washed Denims

Now my third look! Another favourite for sure. For this look, I have styled this light stonewashed denim with a Grey tee-a colour that you can see in most of my winter looks. And the highlight of this look is this metallic earthy toned Jacket. I have completed the look with my basic accessories and again these tan coloured loafer.

Patterned Shirt with Pleated Trouser and converse

The 2nd look, This almost ties with my top look, but still not quite my topmost. This is one look that I find very stylish and creative. This patterned black and white shirt over these brown pleated formal trousers, and to complete the look with a hat and another of my shoe favourites, these black converse! This is a look that can work for a formal attire. Gives the vibe of an artist or a creative person.

Classic White Shirt with a Woolen Shawl with Joggers+Sneakers

So this is it, Folks! My Top look for this winter. As it perfectly blends with the winters in our country. A blend of Cold with a warm summery feel.  So for this look, I am wearing my classic white shirt, with a pair of grey joggers with red sneakers, and the highlight of the look is this checked woollen Shawl. For accessories, I have my Black fedora again, and this suede backpack that I love!

These are my winter top picks, I hope you liked these looks I put together. If you would like to see more posts like these let us know with simply hitting a like!

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