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Regally Relaxed ft. Nordlich

“Your Future Depends on How you Dream when you Sleep, So do it in Comfort”

So Yeah, like we said, we like to sleep in comfort, but also feeling Regal! Thanks to these matching pyjamas featuring the Regal print for him and her from Nordlich. We have styled yet another look with the Nightwear from Nordlich. Keep going to look at our looks and how we styled it in our own way.


For Him: We styled these Regal pyjamas with a Blue t-shirt and a black cardigan along with some accessories. Just spending my morning reading the paper. Feeling royal does not mean being fancy, it means feeling at home to me. And sitting by the window, in comfortable clothes, and spending time wisely is what is Regal to me.

For Her: With her look, we teamed a solid white cami along with the regal night set. I kept my hair in a braid with this look. And when it comes to feeling royal, to me it’s about being comfortable in my own skin. When I look into the mirror, I want to see a person that is smart, confident and beautiful.

It’s already New Year, and we have kick-started 2018 with a blast. And this outfit was how we said goodbye to 2017 and welcomed the next year with comfort and style. We believe comfort comes in different looks, and it should not be constrained to only nightwear, it can be incorporated into everyday looks as well.


I would love to feel relaxed and homely throughout the day, not just during bedtime. SO I like to take care of my daily errands in these comfy pairs of pyjamas. Being stylish is not just important when you are outside the house. I think this look is worthy to be taken outside and inside you can steal the show too.


Enjoying my day in this regal nightwear. Just being myself. Because another thing that is as important as wearing comfy clothes is to love yourself and let yourself be just the way you are.


So what do you think of these two looks? and how would you style it? Tell me in the comments down below and don’t forget to hit a like. Love

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