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Top 5 Winter Essentials

Now you got to love the winters, clear skies, cold nights, warm winter sun, and loved ones to cuddle with! Here are a few things that we would like to keep a note of this winter!

Back in India, our winters are not as drastic as in western countries, and down midway and south, it’s comparatively warmer during the days. But it can get pretty chilly at nights. So let’s not go as far as snow boots or super puffy coats and keep it rather simpler and more realistic.

Before you get ahead reading this article and checking things off your list, grab a cup of hot coffee, a snuggly blanket, and some snacks to nibble on, because let’s just discuss it in a more laid-back way, like how winters do it.


Warm food for the soul :

Winters are the time to relax and enjoy the holiday season. With Christmas, and New Years time, its all about warm fuzzy pyjamas with cups of warm beverages. And how about movie time with your family or friends while you are at it. Sound’s good to me!


Jackets, and Beanies :

Beanies are the cutest, aren’t they? but you can’t wear them all year long. SO now is the time. Bring out all your cute winter stuff, because its time to flaunt them. Jackets are something we all love, and when we layer them in summers, we do it with difficulty. Because we want to look stylish but also feel really warm. In winters you can wear light jackets to heavy ones with no worries.


Scarves and Warm Hugs :

Scarves, mufflers, sweaters, your classic woolen clothing come into use. I am a big time lover of scarves, and teaming them with a stylish jacket just completes my look. You can even match with your loved one. And grab in some warm hugs while you are at it. So keep yourself warm with warm and cozy scarves and drape them in a stylish way. It will feel like a warm embrace from your loved one.


Protect your footsteps :

You need to take care of your whole body, and that even means your feet. By keeping your feet cozy, you will never mess up your step. Boots are sure a winter essential! Team your look with a pair of warm shoes or heels that are not only protective but comfortable to walk in. And you can enjoy your winter thoroughly!


Winter Clothing with your Loved one :

The final thing to keep in mind is to not leave your loved one out of it. You should take care that you both are warm and cozy. You can even twin and wear looks that match. Apart from warm hugs and snuggles, you have to take care of. And this is the time you bring out your A game, from sweater dresses to jackets and boots two can play this game.

That’s it for now folks! Have a great Holiday. And a Happy New Year, let’s welcome 2018 with love and Inspiration. Hope you liked this article, stay tuned for more, until next time keep it stylish, keep it mean.

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