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Travel in Leisure ft. Nordlich

“Live with No Regrets, Travel with No Excuses”

Travelling can be so overrated sometimes, does it really have to be so hard? not really, I think the best is to travel in comfort and in style. We got to experience both together, with these comfy pyjamas from Nordlich Check out the whole post to see our looks while we made our travel plans.

Her Look: Striped Pyjama with Magenta piping, teamed with a comfy wine Tshirt.

The look is comfy and casual, and It can be styled in any way to fit your personality and sense of style. So today we sat down deciding on places to visit. It’s been so long since we travelled any place together, and this look is perfect to do the journey with.


His Look: A striped Pyjama with Blue piping, teamed with a Navy Blue cotton t-shirt.

Styling the look with a pair of loafers and some accessories, planning together with my partner for a long-awaited trip. And honestly, I would choose this outfit over a heavy travel look, because comfort beats that any day!


In our matching Striped Pyjama sets, just enjoying our day off while we made plans, these looks are so US! and we loved how comfortable it felt and looked. And we styled it to suit our unique style sensibilities. With a bit of casualness along with leisure. You should definitely get a matching pair with your friend or partner too!

It’s true, that true adventure begins where your comfort zone ends, but that does not mean you can’t dress in comfort. Dressing in comfort can be stylish too! I headed out in this look. And it showed how I dress not to impress, but to grab attention at my love for comfort blended with style.

Fashion is not restricted to the runway looks alone, it’s about every occasion, justified. And when you are travelling, it’s just simpler when you are in comfort. The comfort-first trend is the IT thing right now. And there are different ways in which you can style comfortable looks to make them look stylish.


Combining style and comfort brings out the lazy girl in me, who tends to get work done more efficiently. It helps you focus on what you really like, and pushes out any bit of pretence. Now isn’t that a win-win situation! If you like these looks that we styled using comfort-wear, then stay tuned for more.

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