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Quality Time ft. Explore Cafe

“Good Food, with Good Mood is what Binds Us Together”


So recently we got to spend an afternoon at Explore Cafe, and honestly, it was one of the best times we had spent together. With shoots and our respective work lives, we barely get to spend any quality time together. But here we could experience great food, good music along with so much to do!

Outfit Details: Black ripped Denim #Forever21, Grey Tshirt #TommyHilfiger, Pink Velvet Jacket #maxfashion

While work is important, its also important to cut yourself some slack. You can’t be so preoccupied with your work that you forget to take a break and just relax. We could explore our own creativity and hobbies, and we were so engrossed with so many things to do that we lost track of time.

Outfit Details: Black and Grey Sweater #Lifestyle, Blue ripped Denim #H&M, Watch #Giordana

All cozy in our winter clothes, we were decked up for a good time, and indeed we had an amazing time! We Blog Buddies are always either working on our blog or on something else. Yes, I agree even here we got out our cams, but when you get to work in a relaxing environment, work doesn’t seem tiresome!

Being Coffee Lovers ourself we thoroughly enjoyed the beverages there. The winters are here, you may be covered up in warm clothes or jackets but we depend on hot beverages, so why not? The perfectly brewed cup of warmth and goodness was enough to fill up our hearts with all the heat we needed.

We sat for hours just playing games while we munched on yummy food! And we even clicked a few pictures to store this memory. We had a chicken and coleslaw sandwich along with some fries and chicken nuggets that was absolutely YUM.

Here are a few more Images to sum up our time there, apart from great food, There was a collection of motivational posters, a library section with amazing books, an art gallery, a chalkboard, puzzles and games. Altogether it was a fun time, and we just let loose and enjoyed, kept all our tensions aside. And we deserved it!


If you are just like us and would love to have a good time, then what are you waiting for. Life is short, so don’t waste every moment with work. Make time for yourself, but also keep it stylish, keep it mean. Until next time ❤

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