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Tailored In Style ft. HABITO

” Swag is for boys, Class is for Men,

There is nothing like a Gentleman in a well-tailored suit “


I have always been one for tailored and customised clothing, as they give Utmost attention to Fit, Form, Fabric and Finish. And here is my recent experience with Habito! Their label is more than just apparel, it is a commitment and perseverance put into the label to create personalised style. Keep reading to understand the whole process that brought me to 4 customised tailored looks created uniquely to my style.

With an old-school personal service, along with the latest technology, to deliver high-quality custom clothing. It all began with me browsing through the latest season’s collection, and the illustrations and fabric choices to go along with. Every special box from Habito comes with a personalised message for the look you have created with the help of the stylists.

Look 1

My first look comprised a combination of earthy shades with a mix of Black to tone it down. Every outfit comes down to the colour, texture and composition. And this ensemble contained the visual characteristics of an outfit carrying a unique Identity. The combination differentiates my style from the rest.

Look 2

My next look comprised of a printed shirt teamed with a Nehru Jacket over a beige trouser. It was finished with premium interlinings and the look was brought together with the perfect fit and the fabric composed of just the right comfort quotient. This was one of my favourite picks as it represents my style to every edge.

look 3

The next look represents a vintage classic style. With a White shirt and mustard suede jacket with a black collar. Perfect for semi-formal Fridays. It shows the craftsmanship and combination that suits my personality. The colours blend well together and speak for themselves when it comes to customised fit and style.

Look 4

My Final look comprised of this classic Red shirt teamed with a navy blue checkered trouser and a Bowtie to complete the look. It was fitted to my body and respective measurements, with the help of my stylist I tried out a sample outfit and later transformed it to my personal preference.

So that was my experience with Habito, Bespoke Men’s apparel. Let me know what you thought of these 4 looks I put together. And your personal take on tailored and customised clothing.

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