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Style On Duty Ft. GOT

“Life isn’t perfect, but your outfit can sure as hell be”


Isn’t fashion the perfect way to get away from the reality of life? Here I am styled in this trendy graphic tee, from the GOT ( Game of Thrones collection ) by Redwolf. I believe I am not a Queen but a Khaleesi! I love this tee because it gives me the right vibe of mother of dragons.

Why leave a look to be simply the way it is? when you can dig in and experiment in new ways. Honestly I know I don’t go overboard with my styling, I like to keep in simple. But I do add in small details that do count, like this little Lacey bralette with the tee, along with a stringy choker.


I have teamed the tee with a pair of stone washed denim and buckled pumps, that goes with the choker’s style. I pulled down the tee at one end and rolled up the sleeve on the other. For my hair and makeup I have tried to grab the red essence from my tee and have added it to my lips and kept my eyes deep and dark.

Don’t miss any opportunity to go and dress up like you would like to. It’s almost like your job, to be stylish and never compromise. Keep your look updated with trends and don’t forget to garnish each look with ideas of your own. Because without your own details in a look, you will miss out on your personality.


As a stylist/fashionista on Duty, its your responsibility to always keep it real, while experimenting is great, doing things that don’t reflect your personal style or taste can only come across as fake, or as an imitation of someone else’s style. So Keep it real, keep it like YOU.


I Hope you enjoyed this look I put together for you guys, and don’t let those graphic tees remain the old classic look, switch them over to create new and trendy styles and you will love it! For more looks from my wardrobe, stay tuned and stay stylish! Until Next time..

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3 thoughts on “Style On Duty Ft. GOT”

  1. “Isn’t fashion the perfect way to get away from the reality of life? ”

    Yes! or a way to change reality. Often, I find fashion helps me face a crummy day with confidence.


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