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‘His’ Everyday Essentials – Listed

” My must-haves help me keep my cool “

We all have a few essentials that we just cannot do without. And so do I! These are things that I need in my day to day life. Whether you are a man or a woman or a child even, there are somethings that you need to keep up with the balance in your life. Here are few of my must-have’s and I hope you can relate to some of these :

Grooming kit :


Okay okay, its not just women who need their grooming, we men have needs too! And these bunch of tools are just perfect to help me set my hair, my beard and my mood right. I like to carry them in my bag in case I need any touch up’s throughout the day. But these definitely top my list for essentials as you know I can’t have a sane day if my hair isn’t right! And these babies keep my mane and my hair looking gorgeous all day!

Starbucks coffee :


I am sure you would agree that the best beverage to kick start your day is coffee, and what better than starbucks to do the honors? The delicious morning caffeine rush is all I need to survive a stressful day. So yes, my daily cup of coffee is an essential I cannot overlook, it keeps me energetic, and keeps my mood fresh.

Accessory Junkie :


I am a man with taste, and none of my outfits are complete without the right set of accessories to complement it. So basically I have a pair of glasses, a watch, a wristband etc. However I do have specific styles to go with each, I have few essentials that work as classics for any ensemble. These go into my backpack! just in case anyday in a rush I miss out any of my must have’s I have these to fill up the gaps.

Music+Headphones :


Can you imagine a life without music? What would you do if you just want to zone out and just jump into some music and yourself. Thats why I absolutely need a pair of good headphones that are always there for me when I need to get some peace and tense down. With a playlist of my choice and music to fit every mood, my headphones fit perfectly into my list of essentials.

Converse shoes :


Most of us have a classic white pair of converse in ur closets. Its definitely a wardrobe staple and I can always rely on these to spunk up my outfit. They are stylish and sleek and work well on casual ensembles. I like to team them up with a blue denim and tshirt for a classic converse look!

That’s all folks, these are a few of my essentials! I hope you enjoyed this post, stay tuned for more, and make sure to hit a like and share. Until next time, keep it stylish, keep it mean.

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