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The Whitespace ft. LENSKART

“Don’t let the fear of failure stop you from trying”


Today’s look is inspired by a white-on-white ensemble featuring these super cool glasses by Lenskart.  The weather has been fluctuating recently, with the monsoon kicking in, and the offset of summers. Therefore my outfit needed to be versatile for any weather coming my way.

The sun is just about to set and the monsoon breeze is pleasant. My white jacket with black checkered stripes is styled with suitable accessories over an off-white trouser. The color palette is concentrated on white tints with a delicate blend of blacks.


Because of the unpredictable weather in India, our outfits need to be versatile too! As there is no point to clothing otherwise. It’s not just about style but functionality plays a major role too. But don’t get me wrong, while being weather appropriate you should make sure to style the perfect look too.


Don’t forget to always layer your outfit, no matter what the weather brings. It can either be with accessories or jackets. Dressing can be simple, but you got to do it the right way. Don’t ever compromise your ensemble, dress up everyday like you are going to meet your worst enemy.


My outfit essentials revolve around a trendy pair of glasses and my wrist bands, without them I never step out of the house. And ofcourse I spend much time setting my hair to get the perfect look that I like. And every ensemble belongs somewhere, don’t put together a look that has no meaning.


Last but not the least, footwear!! My favorite part of an ensemble, footwear determines the entire look. I have paired by these perfect white sneakers, with my white-on-white look, adding to the monochrome palette of whites. I hope you enjoyed and agree to this look! until next time keep it stylish, keep it mean.

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