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Fashion Journals ft. WOODGEEK

There is an incomparable satisfaction in having customized products. Maybe it is because of the fact that no-one else will have the same and it has been made specially for you. And that makes it all the more Precious.


Recently we have had the opportunity to order for Customised Notebooks from Woodgeek, and the experience was exciting. The process was quite simple and hassle free. And the end product was absolutely delightful. Read on as we take you through the entire process on how we both got to personalize our very own custom logo notebook.


So first we went on to see the library which already had a couple of Custom-made Designs you could opt for, but we decided to personalize our own design. We also had the chance to add descriptions along with a picture that would be engraved on the bamboo notebook. Even the pen could be engraved of words of your choice.

We first chose an image that we wanted to be engraved on the notebook, along with a short description on the book and pen as well. However those were optional but we went for it!. Next we uploaded a high resolution picture and added this to the cart immediately!


After everything was set and the order was placed, within a few days we received our digital mock-up of the design each of us chose for the personalized notebook. Once we approved our designs we were thrilled to receive the notebooks within a week. The craftsmanship was brilliant, every detail was on point.

We were surprised by how beautiful they turned out to be. And immediately flaunted it to our dear ones. This could be a great present if you wish to pamper a loved one. And apart from notebooks you can even find other products such as sunglasses, customized phone cases, and bow ties, all crafted in fine wooden craft.


Every product at Woodgeek is 100% natural and Eco-friendly. It can be personalized according to your own taste and choice. Just like we made our own customized wooden notebooks, You can make your own too. If just like us you love creative and personalized products too you should definitely try it too.

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