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My Weekend Style ft. PrintOctopus 

It’s a messy hair, Jeans with sneakers kind of a day!


What is the purpose of fashion if you are not comfortable in it? But don’t settle for a boring outfit, even something simple can turn out to be a stylish look. My weekend went by with a long drive and some casual hangouts in this comfy tee by PrintOctopus.


With the breezy but humid weather outside I wanted my outfit to be comfy but also trendy. I styled my tshirt with a sober grey denim and white sneakers. Tshirts and sneakers are always meant to be together, and can never go wrong!


My color palette for the day was mostly monochromatic, with gray- navy blue and white tints with a little bit of beige. We went for a long drive and stopped by at my favorite restaurant for a quick bite before getting on to our journey.

What is your go to comfy outfit in your wardrobe? I am sure you must be having a favorite tee or denim that you would love to wear on days when you want to take it easy! This is that outfit for me.


Life can be difficult sometimes, but just remember that it is always okay to take a step back. Take it easy, and let yourself live! That even applies for your style. You dont need to force yourself to fit into something that is just not you. Find what you like and style it they way you like it to be.


I would definitely say that skinny jeans and tees with sneakers would be my go to outfit for a day of just chilling! It requires least effort and still ends up looking trendy. And I just let my hair free and messy without styling it much. But yes my makeup is minimal but my lips are always bold.


I hope you liked this look of mine. And I am sure you love sitting in your comfy clothes on a day of less work. Have a lovely weekend, and like always keep it stylish, keep it mean.

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1 thought on “My Weekend Style ft. PrintOctopus ”

  1. Wow, I really like this outfit of yours, especially these sneakers are gorgeous. 😀
    Do you prefer wearing them sockless during summertime? 😉


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