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Beauty Regime ft. ROYAL INDULGENCE

“Beautiful skin begins with Exceptional skincare”


It’s true, we all have busy schedules and it is difficult to spend hours taking care of your skin. But your skin deserves only the best. And here’s how I managed to pamper my skin in a quick and simple way with Lodhradi.  It gives your skin the nourishment and care it needs and I was absolutely delighted with the results it gave me.


Did you know that every minute of every day is potentially damaging your skin? and even though you might think that you are doing enough by cleansing, drinking water and eating healthy. Your skin still needs some extra protection. And using Lodhradi gave me just that! I could see my skin get better with every application.


There is no escape from skin damage, and when I started facing frequent problems with my skin I was stressed out! But then I came across Lodhradi, and decided to give it a try. It is a 100% natural product that is the perfect way to detox your skin. And trust me, It starts repairing your skin with the first use!


Okay so let me break this down for you. Lodhradi is a base of three major components, Lodhra, Dhanyaka and Vacha. Lodhra is incharge of firming and uplifting your skin, keeping fine lines at bay. Dhanyaka works on brightening dull skin and detoxifies it from within. Whereas Vacha is responsible for healing your skin.


Now we all know that there has been drastic weather changes recently, and my skin has been acting like crazy. Acne, breakouts, pigmentation, tan, and what not, and my skin was looking dull and lifeless! When I started using Lodhradi I started seeing significant changes within a week! I had a radiant glow and my skin was clearing up.


It worked well on improving my tan, and my skin was gradually getting better. And who wants to deal with premature aging signs? Tackle them even before they get worse. It is recommended to apply it every alternate day by creating a paste with either rose water or milk. Initially there is a tingling effect but that is because it is immediately acting on improving your skin. I would recommend you try this too! And see for yourself, hurry and get your skin the care it needs!

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