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Casual Fridays ft PrintOctopus

“Casual Friday: It’s not just a dress code, it’s a state of mind”


The weekend is almost here and I am all set with my outfit for a casual Friday! Featuring this amazing tee by PrintOctopus Its the perfect way to set way for the weekend! I have styled my look with olive ripped trousers by h&m and adding a casual bag and wristbands to the look. I am ready for the weekend, are you?


There are better days ahead! and yes those are the weekends, while we strain ourselves throughout the week, the weekend is when we get to let loose! Having a casual Friday today and honestly I feel its the best time of the week as you get some productivity done and you get a treat of the weekend by the end of the day!


My weekends are mostly spent on my blog, and my IG handle @mr.baidya, where you should follow me! I like to put together a few looks for future posts and spend time with friends while we go chill out! Don’t let your outfit let you down even on a weekend, you owe yourself a stylish look even on a casual day!


Casuals are all about comfort! Agreed! But why not go comfy in a trendy way? Add a bit of fun to your ensemble, and that’s the real point of casuals, to take it easy and have fun. Don’t let the fashion police spot you, dress in a way that shows you are casual but you know how to make it stylish too. Make every outfit count, and you will love dressing!


The joy of dressing is an art, don’t ever neglect it! And someone once said, “life is too short to wear boring clothes”, You don’t have to wear something you are uncomfortable with, but push yourself to try something that you might be into! And casual Friday is the day to revamp your wardrobe!


Fashion is simply what you buy but style is how you transform it into something of your own. Style is very personal and you can always keep it simple but still make an impact! I hope you liked my casual friday look and stay tuned for more looks! until then keep it stylish, keep it mean!

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