Product review

Therapy of Bliss ft. O2 Spa

“Relax your body, calm your mind & renew your spirit”

We all have tiresome weeks that takes the life out of us! Yes we do deserve some pampering. And a weekend at the spa sounds the perfect way to relax your mind and body. Recently I have had the opportunity to visit O2 Spa to treat myself with a soothing massage.


Every little element present at the spa screamed of natural and organic ways to relieve your stress! I was greeted with coconut water and there was soothing music playing in the background. I first relaxed a bit before heading on to browse the place.

The essence and aroma in the air was filled with lavender, rose, sandalwood and other delightful flavors! They even had merchandise that could give you the soothing service even when you get back home! Once I was well rested I went on to check out the available sessions.


So then I went on to decide which service I would like to take for the day! The list was absolutely overwhelming, but I knew I had to pick one. So I went for the Aroma therapy, full body massage. As it sounded quite blissful for my taste!

So once I finished the formalities I was lead to my massage room through where I could find glimpses and peaceful corners all around the place. I just felt I could spend my entire day here! But I knew that just an hour of service could give me serenity that I needed for a long time.

Then began my session of 60 minutes of bliss! Where I was taken to a place that left behind all my tensions and my therapist/masseuse was so good with what she was doing and hit all my pressure points just right. So obviously I loved it!

And then post my Aroma Therapy I was treated with this amazing hot spa tea! It was a perfect ending to my therapy and I knew I was definitely coming back soon. I thoroughly enjoyed the pampering session and I would recommend everyone to take time out of their day to enjoy a spa treatment.




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