Women's fashion

The Crimson Vibe

“Love is a canvas, furnished by imagination & embroidered by passion “
‘Roses are red, Violets are Blue, my heart is full of love just for you’
It’s Valentines and everything seems red, the roses, teddy bears and the atmosphere is all love dovey. Romance is in the air. Valentine’s need not necessarily be dependent on just one person, one can find pleasure even in a mere activity that they love. Love is not just about looking at each other, but to look at the same direction. Imperfections are present even in the tiniest detail, but overlooking the flaws to find a happiness that lies far more significance is what valentine’s is all about.
‘She was her own Valentine’
Love is a strength, and ability to express it, is a nature you develop by growing with love and care given to you. It’s sometimes a pressure that this day brings to people, to adhere to social expectations of having a lover. Love can be shared among friends, family, even for yourself, because you can learn to love only by first loving yourself. And often an insecurity dwells upon, to those who have a strong passion towards someone who cannot reciprocate their love, oh the bitter-sweet that Valentine’s brings.
‘You give me the kind of feeling, that people write about in love songs’
There are many ways to express love, and however this entire week of valentine’s includes adorning your loved ones with gifts and sweets, it is no replacement to your emotions. Love can be expressed by simply showing how much you care, by lending a helping hand and by staying by one’s side. Express your love, but be ready to accept it if it is not returned. It is an emotion that by itself holds a strong passion, and it is not weakness if not returned


Gift your precious one’s your love, give those unfortunate hearts a shoulder to cry upon, and tell the people in your life about the value you hold for them in your heart. You can express your love any day of the year, but this special day might just be an excuse to do something for someone you love.
‘You are my perfect rose’
In conclusion, I hope you find someone to pamper and love on this special day, and if you don’t then I suggest you pamper yourself and enjoy your freedom, because hey! you deserve to be loved.

5 thoughts on “The Crimson Vibe”

  1. Hi Meghana
    The comfort in your design
    Shows your luv and passion for your work
    And that’s Meghana
    Always the best and only best for you dear
    Wanted to see more and more from you
    Best of luck


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