Graceful weaves ft. LABEL 10


“Elegance and Grace is the only true meaning to simplicity, and significance lies within such beauty”
The beauty in Handlooms is within the simplicity in design and the artistic technique that goes behind the weaves that gives a beautiful end product. Today’s post is in collaboration with Label10, we have put together an earthy story with a women’s and men’s ensemble. The pieces are simple, yet have a striking detail which can work perfectly for an eventful day.


A warm sunny day, and our color palette for the day was mostly warm with a more earthy feel and a touch of orange and brown to accentuate a modern concept with a touch of tradition. Juxtaposing a western ideology with a cultural twist brings a magical combination.
Men’s Outfit: Double shade fine cotton natural dyed handwoven mangalgiri fabric turned into a crisp shirt Men accentuated with metallic shell buttons and kalamkari fabric detailing.
Women’s Outfit: Natural Dyed and hand women cotton Ikat tunic with a jewel block printed Kalamkari detail as layer. And metal buttons to accentuate.


An elegant ensemble speaks for itself, and never over do a classic, it is graceful by itself. Accessorizing the outfit with a pair of silver jhumkis and hair tied up. The men’s outfit is further customized with a classic waistcoat and nerd glasses to give it an extra oomph.
India is excelling not only with our rich Handloom culture but now also in design. Our artisans have always been so talented and a result of their work from various states brings together our handlooms such as Kalamkari, Ikat, Mangalgiri, and many more.


Check out the collection on  Label10

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