Backstreet Girl

Stay classy, Sassy and a little bad Ass-y “

The sun is up and bright, and the winter is slowly fading away, I can already feel the warmth, so here is to a warm sunny day with a pleasant breeze.


Life can be roller-coaster, with ups and downs, well life is a mixture of many things, and being a goody old shoes wont be enough to take a challenge at its peak and face it. It is important to be bold, self-reliant and confident. And if that makes me arrogant, I have no regrets, as with a bold attitude you can never let someone break you.
Nobody should have the authority to make you feel low about yourself without your consent. My outfit is in collaboration with the trending brand missamore, the ensemble consists of an off-shoulder design crop top and a mini skirt.
We all have things that make us happy, make us positive and confident. Keep that going, and don’t let anyone bring you down. Staying bright and optimistic towards life, and you will find a spark of light between a dark corner too.
Just like the sun never fails to rise up every morning, shining as brightly as ever, even in the winters. With every pit fall, climb back up and do your task, with a brave heart. Be in charge and take control, be a bad ass. And don’t let your burning passion be put off by some simple negativity.



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