Women's fashion

Metropolitan mode

“The key to finding a happy balance in modern life is simplicity”

Become who you want to be
Confidence is key to any endeavor, be completely self-reliant on what your goal is. Everyone has their own timing, their own methods and respective goals, which means comparison is not required. And dress to create an impression of what you are, and would like for people to see.
Styled my outfit with a high-waisted formal trouser with a less than ankle length by lifestyle, along with a knit solid blue tee, and a blazer, both from forever21 over it. The look is teamed with a pair of glossy canvas shoes by westside. Comfort paired with a modern look is the best option for an eventful day.
Everyday is a new adventure
The modern women today, are positively ambitious, and self-dependent, the do not fear an obstacle, instead face it. The fear of failure can always stop us from going further, but who cares about failure without even giving it a chance? Push your boundaries, rise out of your comfort zone and go.
The new year is coming soon, and I am waiting for what 2017 holds for us, just as everyone else is eager to know what the year is filled with. A bumpy ride it may be but worth the effort. Keep your dreams up high and seat belt on, for the new year.
You can either be all in, or get all out, there is no halfway

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