men's fashion

The Grey street

“Silver grey winters, the calm soothing mornings with a cold winter breeze”

The holiday time is here, everyone is celebrating the arrival of a new year, a year full of new challenges, and achievements to be made. The cold and grey only awaits a brand new beginning when the sun is up and bright.


Off to run some errands, in my business casual look. Teaming a blazer with a white tee-shirt and rolled up together with a trouser and sneakers. A very monochromatic color palette, to keep it simple, but significant.
This look is perfect for any event, be it formal or casual, the color palette manages to create a graceful look and the trendy layering gives for a casual look. I believe everyone has an individual style, and never try to replicate, but create a significant feature of your own personal style.
Monochromatic Dandy
I am eager and excited for what the new year holds in store for us, There would be challenges, to overcome, but as long as I work hard and sincere, I know I will reach where I want to be. But I just want to say, never give up on what you are trying to achieve.
Being a preacher on fashion is not how I work, I would just like to state, that dress not to impress others, but simply to look back at the mirror and like how far you have come, to feel confident and stylish too!
Among the grey’s I lay
Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend, a Merry Christmas and all ready for the New year! And forget to keep tuned with us for more!

6 thoughts on “The Grey street”

  1. Solid look. I’d be worried about wearing white sometimes though during winters, depending on how harsh and rainy/snowy it gets where you live though.


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