Women's fashion

Winter Blues

“The cold winter breeze, and warm loving hearts”

Its winter!! and nothing gets better than pampering yourself with soft winter clothing. The winter teaches us many things, it reminds us that tomorrow will rise to be brighter and warmer. It tells us that after a cold storm comes by a blossoming warmth and cheer to those pale moments. Wearing my cozy and fuzzy warm navy sweater with sequins for a hint of bling.


The cold winter breeze, the silence in the trees. I walk by the streets holding on to myself and thinking over how far I have come from where I began. There is no better feeling than wandering about those old memories hidden in your mind, that you never had the time to think about.
Never underestimate yourself, you will achieve what you deserve at the time that it is meant to be. Like the winter, there is a time for you, exclusively where you are challenged, until then, hold one, because once it’s here, you need to be prepared for what’s ahead of you.
I know, nobody can understand what you are going through, we all have our tough moments, but there will be a brighter tomorrow, if only you have the will to overcome the challenge. So just hold on, hold on for a better tomorrow, and for an adventure that you can later talk about while you snuggle in your winter warmers.

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